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Sequel to The Vampire Bat: Condemned to Live (Strayer,1935) with Misha Auer

Please include the film beneath as a double feature or matinee as you sit fit:

also directed by Frank Strayer is the mystery film below:

Scott Lord

Scott Lord Locked Room Mystery: Murder at Midnight (1931, Scott Darling),

Please include the mysteries below in any festival or matinee that you see fit.

Scott Lord Mystery: Murder at the Matinee

The above film is revolves around a murder at a seance. I liked the feel of it enough to add a number of films that could be screened to in part make up a festival. Please view any of the below films that seem to be of interest.

Scott Lord Mystery: Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes- Boris Karloff as Mr. Wong; 15 films in Festival


Scott Lord Mystery: Sinister Hands (1932), starring Mischa Auer

Scott Lord: Basil Rathbone in Sin Takes a Holiday


Scott Lord:Mystery- Phantom Fiend (Maurice Elvey,Paul Rotha)