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Swedish Film Institute (Svenska Filminstitutet) general manager Cissi Elwin on July 30, 2007 placed a condolence book in the foyer of the Swedish Film Institute for director, screenwriter and author Ingmar Bergman, who has left Sweden and a new generation of filmakers a legacy of some of the most remarkable films of the Twentieth Century. Although the films of Ingmar Bergman have in recent years brought attention to Swedish cinema, the films of Victor Sjöström and Mauritz Stiller (The Saga of Gosta Berling, 1925, ten reels), directors at Svenska Bio, John W. Brunius, director for Skandia Film, the company that merged with Svenska Bio to form Svensk Film Industri in 1919, George af Klerker, director for Hasselbladfilm, Gustaf Molander (Only One Night, En enda Natt, 1939), Hasse Ekman, Ivar Johansson (Ragen rike, 1929), Hampe Faustman, Arne Mattsson, Mai Zetterling, Claes Olsson (Amazing Women by the Sea), Swedish film director Bjorn Runge (Order of Love, Mun mot …

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I would like to include the obiturary I wrote for Swedish Film directors Ingmar Bergman and Vilgot Sjoman as an appendix this this- I have since then been cautioned against using a personal tone and first person narration in academic writing during the lectures included in online classes on essay writing from Denmark and other supplemental classes, but during the interim I had the privilege to complete the online class on Scandinavian Film and Television from the University of Copenhagen, conducted by Professoror Ib Bondebjorg and Professor Caspar Tybjorg. To audiences in the United States it may seem that the work of director actress Liv Ullmann has become quiet and not as noticeable since the death of Ingmar Berman, and that has been reflected by the limited scope of an online class; ironically the review of Ingmar Bergman's last work was written as a news essay where revisions were made weekly to provide an account of his life on Faro Island so that one week an example would re…

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Wife in Mirror, 1966 by William Stilson      The painted was kept in a gallery on Bearskin Kneck when the present author lived there. She is, for the most part, "the real Inga", though only a painting.

      She is the only direct subj…

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In her book Lulu in Hollywood, Brooks compares him to Gish by writing that he "in his direction, shared her art of escaping time and place. Seastrom and Gish were made for each other." Gish, after having remarked upon her having seen Stroke at Midnight (The Phantom Carriage, Korkarlen, 1921, six reels), in her book The Movies, Mr. Griffith and Me had written, "It seemed to me he had Mr. Griffith's sensitivity to atmosphere.". Of the films in which he had directed Gish, Kenneth MacGowan wrote that they were films to which "he brought some of the lyricism that had distinguished his work in Sweden.", whereas, interestingly, Norma Shearer, who had starred under Victor Sjostrom's direction in Tower of Lies (1926, seven reels) with William Haines and Lon Chaney, had said that Sjöström "was more concerned with the moods he was creating than the shadings he should have injected into my performance."       
Begnt Forslund writes, "His final…

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